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It's almost summer...k...where I live it was raining Monday, but anyway it's time for a sale! All the bracelets are included in the sale. Every order comes with a new business card and a special offer card. Sale starts tomorrow and ends July 8. See the prices on the page. Remember, every day is a little brighter with a friendship bracelet so don't miss out on this sale!
So for a while I've been trying to come up with business cards. I've tried different styles, shapes, and colors and I've finally come up with a card that I like. So here it is! As you can tell it's three circles. The first card is just the card with all my information. One card has a special offer and you would just send the card in with your next order. The other circle has picture of a bracelet on it. 

P.S. I plan to put one in every order. Let me know what you think of the picture (These are just printed on plain white computer paper and tied with extra string. When they are given out, they will obviously be on better paper with better string/ribbon)!