I now have a new ordering system. Instead of having to email me your order, you can just fill out the form at bottom of the Order Here page. I'm hoping this will be easier! However, you still can email the order if that is easier.

Don't forget, if you want an Indie Gift Box with one of my bracelets possibly in it, they go on sale in October.
For the past few weeks, I've been busy making "Shaped" bracelets for Indie Gift Box. (The picture is of some of the bracelets I made for the boxes). If you haven't heard about them you should check out the website. I'm contributing my bracelets for the October boxes. The boxes go quickly so if you want one act quick!

I just received an order for a cupcake bracelet. It's looking good so far. Can't wait to see her reaction to the bracelet. Whenever I wear my cupcake bracelet she always looks at mine.
Today I finished my two bracelets I made for the girls over at Awkward Girls. They didn't know which bracelets and colors they wanted so I had full control. I didn't have a hard time picking the double zig zag pattern, but I was going back and forth between patterns on the other bracelet. Ultimately I ended up doing another zig zag pattern (which I didn't even realize I did two zig zag patterns until now). I hadn't done the second zig zag pattern in a while and decided to do that one. It looks similar to the 8 color zig zag, but this bracelet only uses 4 colors. Another thing I realized is that I forgot to put it on the order here list. I've had this "sample" bracelet of the pattern for years maybe, but didn't figure out that it wasn't on the list until now. Too much zig zag I guess. I just added the picture and price so go check out the 4 color  zig zag bracelet!
It's almost summer...k...where I live it was raining Monday, but anyway it's time for a sale! All the bracelets are included in the sale. Every order comes with a new business card and a special offer card. Sale starts tomorrow and ends July 8. See the prices on the page. Remember, every day is a little brighter with a friendship bracelet so don't miss out on this sale!
So for a while I've been trying to come up with business cards. I've tried different styles, shapes, and colors and I've finally come up with a card that I like. So here it is! As you can tell it's three circles. The first card is just the card with all my information. One card has a special offer and you would just send the card in with your next order. The other circle has picture of a bracelet on it. 

P.S. I plan to put one in every order. Let me know what you think of the picture (These are just printed on plain white computer paper and tied with extra string. When they are given out, they will obviously be on better paper with better string/ribbon)!

I am currently working on a new bracelet. I will upload a picture and then add it to the order here list. I'm not sure about the price but keep checking the website to find out more.

I just uploaded the picture. The bracelet is called the "Shooting Star"/Arrow. (I couldn't really come up with a name). The bracelet has six colors and is $4.00. Let me know if you are interested in buying one!
You can now make your own bracelets with my Make Your Own Bracelet packs! These packs are great for small gifts or just a little fun activity to do. There are two different packs, a beginner pack and an intermediate pack. Check out the tab to find out what's included, the prices, and much more.

P.S. if you order any pack make sure to check for a "golden ticket". This ticket gets you a bracelet of your choice half off. There are only a few and you could be a winner. Along with a "golden ticket" other packs may include a free keychain. 

As of June 9, 2012, the bracelet packs are no longer available. If you would still like to learn how to make a specific bracelet, please leave a comment and then I will do a tutorial post.

Hey everyone,
It's time for another sale!!! It's February so that means Valentine's Day is coming up. So don't miss out on this sale because it has great prices!
I hadn't updated you in a while so I thought I should. I just got an order for four bracelets: the cupcake, double zig zag (as my friend who ordered them refers to it as "the one with the holes"-love that! ), a name, and last but not least *drum roll please* a X's/Stitches. Ok so that wasn't very exciting and didn't need a drum roll but whatever. So ya maybe I'll post a pic when I'm done with them, but for now keep checking back!