Today I finished my two bracelets I made for the girls over at Awkward Girls. They didn't know which bracelets and colors they wanted so I had full control. I didn't have a hard time picking the double zig zag pattern, but I was going back and forth between patterns on the other bracelet. Ultimately I ended up doing another zig zag pattern (which I didn't even realize I did two zig zag patterns until now). I hadn't done the second zig zag pattern in a while and decided to do that one. It looks similar to the 8 color zig zag, but this bracelet only uses 4 colors. Another thing I realized is that I forgot to put it on the order here list. I've had this "sample" bracelet of the pattern for years maybe, but didn't figure out that it wasn't on the list until now. Too much zig zag I guess. I just added the picture and price so go check out the 4 color  zig zag bracelet!
I am currently working on a new bracelet. I will upload a picture and then add it to the order here list. I'm not sure about the price but keep checking the website to find out more.

I just uploaded the picture. The bracelet is called the "Shooting Star"/Arrow. (I couldn't really come up with a name). The bracelet has six colors and is $4.00. Let me know if you are interested in buying one!